Environmental Monitoring Process

Environmental Monitoring module supports a cyclical process of planning, collect, management and analysis represented by the following diagram:


Planning Environmental Monitoring

Clearly define the information that will be monitored in a monitoring program:

  • What: What are the parameters/species that need to be monitored?
  • Why: Internal and external regulation you must comply with.
  • Where: Locate where samples will be taken (monitoring stations).
  • How: What standards are used (thresholds applicable).


Once monitoring programs are created, parameters can be tracked according to the established planning by adding activities, samples and inspections.


  • When measurement of a parameter exceeds the specified tolerance, the system generates an alert - you have to check the alerts periodically.
  • From a buffer zone around the stations, the system lists the stakeholders potentially affected by an environmental alert.
  • Interactions with stakeholders resulting from the management of the alert are linked to the alert if any.


  • Generate and view the map and reports generated by the system.
  • Conduct the analysis and refine as necessary the Environmental Impact Management Plan in effect.
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