Create and Edit a Sample

A sample can be of air, water, soil or another element of the environment taken for analysis. In environmental monitoring programs, samples include when and where it is taken. A sample should be created for each sample taken at a sampling station as part of a given monitoring program.

To create a sample;

  1. Click on the environmental monitoring icon and select "Samples" below the ''Monitoring'' menu.
  2. Click the ''+ create'' button and a new record entry will open.
  3. Fill in all mandatory fields
  4. Click ''save and view''
  5. Or select the ''add another'' box to create many records sequentially, the new record entry will remain open until you are finished creating. 
  6. To '"Aativate" the sample follow the "actions" menu and select "activate"

To edit a sample 

  1. Click on the environmental monitoring icon and select ‘Samples’ below the ''Monitoring'' menu.
  2. Locate the record to edit, and select it, opening the record
  3. Hover to the right side of the record and select the ''edit'' button
  4. Editable fields will appear in white, edit the record as required 
  5. Click ''save'', new information will appear immediately 

Results can be entered as long as the sample has not been "activated". Once activated, the system will perform an analysis of the results against applicable thresholds and validations. This step is irreversible. An active sample can only be inactivated or deleted.

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