Benefits and General Utilisation

Environmental monitoring establishes a credible baseline for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), which allows for the objective comparison of actual and expected project impacts.

Monitoring fosters rapid intervention to prevent penalties related to regulatory non-compliance,
identifying areas for continuous improvement, and analysis of overall environmental changes that occur through a project life cycle.

The Environmental Monitoring module of the Borealis suite helps companies manage their environmental impacts. More explicitly, it allows to:

  • Compile and manage the vast amount of data collected through environmental monitoring
  • Maintain a register of sampling stations, measured parameters and standards to be met
  • Rapidly visualize, understand and manage environmental sampling results
  • Generate alerts when standards are not respected
  • Keep track of community consultations and the overall performance of environmental
    management plans

The benefits generally associated with the good use of the module include:

  • Reducing the risk of not respecting environmental conditions or commitments
  • Reporting to responsible authorities for impacts caused by planned or unplanned incidents
  • Visualizing, understanding and managing the sampling results quickly
  • Defining management programs and link them to environmental standards for non-conformity management
  • Following-up on community consultations about alerts and the overall performance of environmental management plans
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