Create and Edit an Activity

An activity is the equivalent of a sample for biodiversity programs. This is an observation activity of a single species for a specific date. An activity describes the time, place, and characteristics (parameters) of a species at that time.

An activity must be created for each species observed.

To add an activity:

  • Indicate the latitude and longitude where the observation of the species was made.
  • Indicate the date, the monitoring program, the species observed, the type of activity and the observation period.
  • If necessary, enter an identification number of an animal species.
  • If necessary, enter a reference code and the data collector.

The results of the various parameters can be entered as long as the activity has not been "activated". Once activated, the system will perform an analysis of the results against applicable thresholds and validations. This step is irreversible. An active activity can only be inactivated or deleted.

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