Generate a Custom Word Report

In the "Compliance management" module, you have the option to generate a report from an inspection. This option is not activated by default in the system, but it is available to any client who requires it. The idea of this functionality is to be able to reproduce a report format that's already made, by using the data in Borealis. You can integrate; headers, tables, logos, text section, etc.


1. In the main menu go to the "Compliance Management" module, and under the "Monitoring" section, select "Inspections" and click on the "Create" button:




2. Fill the form and click on "Save and view":


The report template will be uploaded into the system. When creating an inspection report, the system will interpret the inspection data, translate it and fill in the report. The report will be generated in a Word format, which means that it can be edited after uploading.


Do not hesitate to contact us at, if you are interested in this feature.

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