Product release - August 2019

The Boréalis team is constantly improving our software to meet your needs and ensure you’re always working with the world’s most advanced stakeholder engagement management system.




1. Highlights are here - Enter your communications faster with Boréalis suggestions

Create your communications and your stakeholders faster with Boréalis Highlights.

Boréalis’ AI capability now scans all text in communications and highlights all mentioned persons and organizations, making them smart interactive elements that you can instantly tag either as “Participant” or “Mentioned” to complete your communications and/or add to your stakeholder database.

2. Reply to and view original emails directly from the application

You know your colleague exchanged emails with a stakeholder and you need to continue this discussion?

Or maybe you like to keep your Inbox tidy and you deleted an email that you just realized you should not have?

Or you simply want to see an email in its original format to make sure everything was perfect?

Do not worry! Now when an email was sent to Boréalis, the original mail is kept for you. Just click on the hyperlink under "Original email" and it will open the email in your favorite email tool, like Outlook. From there you can continue the conversation with the stakeholder seamlessly.


3. Confidential contact information

Boréalis is a great tool for centralizing all information on your stakeholders. But there are times when you have some personal contact information on a stakeholder that you want to share with some of your team, but not everyone.

Boréalis has got you covered! Now you can mark some specific phone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information as confidential so that only you and your select few can access it!

4. Protect your assets with better engagement processes

Your assets, be they power lines, pipelines, rails or roads, are a very valuable part of your business and your stakeholder engagement is very much based around them?  Boréalis has you covered.

You can now quickly find all stakeholders and engagements related to specific assets. Boréalis will even automatically calculate and show you what is located nearby to help you in your engagement planning and incident management.

This new feature is part of the Land management module. Email our helpdesk or talk to one of our experts to take full advantage of this new feature!

5. Search, interface and performance improvements

In order to make your experience with Boréalis always better, improvements have been made in the following areas:

  • Search: Our search engine has been optimized to provide more relevant results, amongst others by putting more emphasis on recently viewed pages that will now show even before you start typing.
  • Interface: Several enhancements will help you quickly find the most important controls and fields, thus improving your overall user experience.
  • Performance: Pages will load faster, especially if your system contains a large number of engagements and stakeholders.
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