How to send a communication to Borealis (Outlook on the desktop)

The Borealis add-in in Outlook will facilitate the categorization of emails sent to the platform. In order to proceed properly, follow these steps: 


1.  Open your Outlook account and select "New message". Log in to the Borealis add-in that appears on your personalized ribbon:



2. Connect to your Borealis instance, by entering the corresponding URL. A new window will open and you can add your login:



3. Fill in the fields of the communication intended for Borealis. Choose your recipients and include them according to their respective positions (To, CC or Bcc). Once completed, please click on "Send" and you will receive a confirmation by email:


4. In Borealis, go to the "Stakeholder engagement" section and select the "Communications" tab and choose your message and click on "View": 




5. When you open it, confirm the details of the communication created from Outlook:


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