Outlook Add-in on the Desktop - Send an email to Borealis

With the Borealis Outlook Add-in, it is as simple as a few clicks to create and categorize your received emails.


Step 1: Open the email you would like to create in Borealis. If your Borealis Add-in is already logged in, you can skip to Step 4.

Step 2: In the 'Message' ribbon open the 'Borealis' Add-in:


A new icon will display on the right side of your email reading pane.

Step 3: Enter your Borealis instance URL. A new window will open with your Borealis instance: please enter your login credentials.




Once logged in, on the right-hand side of the reading pane, the Borealis Add-in will display a 'Create communication' menu.

Step 4: Before sending the email to Borealis, take a few minutes to categorize your communication by filling in a few properties. In this way, Borealis Outlook Add-in will save and classify the communication right where it belongs.

When done, press 'Send to Borealis' to create the communication in Borealis.



Additional fields are also available by clicking on the option + Add fields. Select the fields you need and complete them with the relevant information. 




By clicking on the Link to option, you are connecting the new communication directly to any existing communication, issue, grievance, task, as well as any record from the social investment and land management modules. You may use the drop-down list to select one or multiple values that apply for that communication:




You have created and categorized your first received email using the Borealis Outlook Add-in, it’s that easy !

Note: You will receive a confirmation that the communication was created successfully in Borealis in the Add-in navigation window. This will also contain a link to view the communication in Borealis.




Viewing an Email that exists in Borealis

When viewing an email already created in your Borealis instance, the Add-in will notify you “Communication already exists in Borealis”.



By opening an email already created in Borealis, you can immediately view all the details you have entered. You do not need anymore to close your Outlook interface.

By pressing on the 'View Communication' button a new window will open the communication in your Borealis instance. The initial communication is saved together with the record in Borealis and you may open it in its original format:





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