Boréalis Mobile Application

We know that you are often on the road to meet with your stakeholders, with our new mobile application, Boréalis is easy to access, gone are the days of going back to your desktop to enter communications or add new contacts.  The functionalities you will find the Mobile App are:

  • Record your communications notes on the go.
  • Prepare for your meetings by looking up your stakeholder's information.
  • Create stakeholders from your contact list in your phone.
  • Create a new stakeholder from scanning a business card.

Basic Navigation

Once logged in you will on your initial page. From left to right you will find:

  1. List menu
  2. Create button
  3. Search menu



You can find the settings in the list menu found at the bottom left.

  mceclip1.png                            mceclip2.png

Language, and Workspace URL can both be changed in the settings menu. Initial page can also be changed in the settings. You can choose to either see a list communication, individuals or organisation on login.


Using the <Create> button you can choose to create a new, Communication, Organisation, Individual or Task, by selecting the appropriate icon.


Create Individual from your Phone’s contacts from your phone’s contacts

You can now create an individual directly from your phone’s contacts.

  1. Use the <Create> button
  2. Select the Individual icon
  3. Use the <Start from Address Book> button



The Boréalis mobile application will complete the individual Name, phone and email details that are stored in phone’s address book, all you need to do is complete the rest and press <Create>.

Create Individual from a Business card from your phone’s contacts

Using a business card, you can create a new individual in Boréalis

  1. Use the <Create> button
  2. Select the Individual icon
  3. Use the <Start from Business Card> button
  4. Take picture of the business card (Landscape format)

Wait while the system reads the business card and completes the fields, then review the results and press <Create>.


Use the <Search> button, to find your Stakeholders address, contact information, update tasks, or even review the last engagements. The green action buttons on the side are interactive with your phone and will open different functions.


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