Individual and Organisation Lists

In Borealis you can use Individual lists or Organisation list in the system to complete different actions for these Stakeholders.

The Individual list can be access anywhere in the system where there is a list of individuals, and the same can be said for a list of Organisations. 

For example they can be found in: Engagement Plans, Communications, Parcels, Company assets, Grievances, Issues, Distribution lists.

To access the list, click select <View individual> button found at the top of a list in the system.


Once in the list, use the <Select Multiple> button at the top of the page to select the individuals and then select the action you would like to complete in the menu.


Add Individuals to a Distribution List

Open a List of Individuals and click <Select Multiple>

Then use box on the left-hand side to select the individuals to add an existing or new distribution list.


Click on the <ellipsis> menu and select <Add to distribution List> button.


 Batch Updates

Once in a list, click on the <Select multiple> button at the top of the pages to select the individuals to be added to a distribution list for a communication, or complete batch actions for these individual and then use the <Batch Update> button.

The following are some of the possible batch actions:

  • Change Location
  • Change Relationship manager
  • Change Categorization
  • Change Projects
  • Change Department

 The individual list can be access anywhere in the system that there is a list of individuals.

Note that this functionality is also available for organisations, using the View Organisation button in the ellipsis menu. 

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