Create an Outlook Calendar entry in Borealis


When using the outlook add-in you can create records in Borealis directly from your Outlook Calendar.

If you have not already installed the Add-in follow this link to learn how.


1. Open your calendar in Outlook and select your calender and select New Meeting : 



2.In the 'Meeting' ribbon, open the 'Boréalis' Add-in (Outlook Add-in will open a new section on the right side of the window) :



3. Enter your Boréalis instance URL.  (This step will only need to be completed the first time you use the add-in.)

4. Enter your login credentials Using the drop menus, categorize your email accordingly, when done press 'Send to Boréalis'.



You will receive a confirmation that the communication was created successfully in Boréalis in the Add-in navigation window, there will also be a link to view the communication in Boréalis.

Recurring meetings will only be created once, the system will use the date of the first meeting in the series. The best practice for recurring meetings is to send each individual entry and update participants, meeting minutes, and general atmosphere for every meeting after they have occurred.








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