Manually Update the Borealis Add-in for Outlook from your Microsoft Account

Depending on the security measures within your organization, you may have to request assistance from the IT department to uninstall the add-in on your account.

Under normal circumstances, the Borealis add-in for Outlook is a live service and will be automatically updated as we deploy improvements. It is however possible that, due to certain settings or potential connection issues, the add-in will not receive updates. When that happens, you or your IT team will need to uninstall and reinstall it.

This section gives instructions on how to uninstall the add-in individually, but also provides a reference for a general removal by the IT department.

When you uninstall the Borealis add-in for Outlook on your Microsoft account, the add-in will automatically be removed from the web and mobile versions of Outlook.

Uninstall the Borealis Add-in for Outlook

  1. Open your Outlook.
  2. Click Get Add-ins on your ribbon.
    You may need to change your Ribbon Layout to Classic Ribbon in the Ribbon drop down menu.
  3. In the ADD-INS window, navigate to My add-ins.
  4. Scroll down to find the Borealis add-in and click the ellipsis (...) menu in the bottom right of the Borealis add-in.
  5. Select Remove.

You will then need to reinstall the Borealis add-in for Outlook on your Microsoft account.

Manage the Add-in in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center

The IT department will often be in charge of managing and removing software. Like most other add-ins, the Borealis add-in for Outlook can be deployed and managed for groups of people simultaneously.

Follow the Add-in Management documentation from Microsoft for removal instructions.


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