Diagnostic and workarounds for Internet connection issues

When you are working on a web application and you experience problems with your internet connection, there are several things you can do to diagnose the problem as well as things you can do to work around it.

Workarounds if Your Internet Connection is Unavailable

  • Excel import templates: You can use the Excel template to prepare data for new records or to update existing records. Once your internet connection is available again, you can then import the Excel files through the Import data wizard.
  • Email software: You can use your email software to prepare communications to be sent to Borealis and send them once your internet connection is available again.
  • Mobile phone data plan: You can use your mobile phone data plan to use either the Borealis mobile application or the Borealis web application to perform your everyday tasks.
    Borealis, as a web application, generally only uses small amounts of data.

What to Verify if you have Connection Problems With Borealis

There are several diagnostic actions you can perform:

  • Verify whether you can access other sites: You can try to access other websites such as YouTube, Google, News sites.  
  • Verify whether you can access Borealis on your mobile phone: Verify whether you can access Borealis from your mobile phone to determine whether you can connect to your Borealis instance.
  • Check your network settings: Verify that the network settings of your device are correct and that they are not set to airplane more or that your Wi-fi is not disabled.
  • Test the application in a different browser: You can test the application in a different browser to see if the issue persists. If a different browser works, you can try to clear the browser cache and cookies to ensure there are not corrupted files causing issues.
  • Restart your router or modem to reset the connection. If you are using your company network, you could verify with your team members whether they are also experiencing connection issues.
  • Restart your computer: You can restart your computer to reset the network settings and clear temporary glitches.

Information we may Ask you When you Contact Borealis

When you contact the Borealis support, we will assist you in diagnosing your connection issues and may ask you the following questions:

  • When you open a Borealis page, do you see anything other than a gray background?
  • When you open a page in Borealis, is the loading time longer than 5 seconds?
  • Are you using the same computer you normally use when working in Borealis?
  • Are you using the same Internet connection you normally use when working in Borealis?
  • Are you using any extensions for your web browser which may cause your loading time to increase? (Grammar correctors, automatic translators, etc.)
  • We are likely to also ask you to send us the following elements to help you diagnose your issue:
    • Details about your operating system (Windows version, etc.) and its version
    • Details about your web browser (Edge, Chrome, etc.) and its version
    • The results of an Internet speed test that can be performed in your web browser, for example: https://www.speedtest.net/
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