Diagnostic and workarounds for Internet connection issues

No internet connection? Suggested workarounds:

  • Use the Excel import templates
  • Prepare communications to be sent to Borealis in your email manager so that they will be forwarded when an Internet connection is available
  • Use your mobile phone's data plan to use the Borealis mobile application or the web application (compatible with mobile)
    • For your information, Borealis is generally not a particularly bandwidth-hungry application.

Slow or intermittent connection to Borealis :

Here is what you can check to help the diagnosis:

  • What type of Internet access do you use? (3G, satellite, etc.)
  • Are you able to access Facebook, YouTube, your usual news sites?
  • Does your Borealis access work on your mobile phone?

Difficulty or slowness in displaying a page of Borealis:

Here are some questions we may ask you when you contact us:

  • Do you see anything other than a gray background when you try to display the page?
  • Does the page or item you are viewing take more than 5 seconds to display?
  • Are you using the same computer as usual?
  • Are you using the same Internet connection as usual?
  • Do you use your web browser's extensions that may be greedy, extensions that may affect page loading speed? (Grammatical correctors, automatic translators, etc.)
  • Can you send us the following elements to help us diagnose the problem?
    • Details about your computer (Windows version, etc.)
    • Confirmation of the web browser used (Edge, Chrome, etc.)
    • The results of an Internet speed test that can be performed in your web browser, for example: https://www.speedtest.net/
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