Understand how Smart emails read rate tracking works

Required Boréalis Addon: Smart communications

Boréalis Smart emails add-on allows you to track which stakeholders opened, or not, the smart email you send them and how many times.

Boréalis adds automatically an invisible pixel into each email that are being send. Everytime a stakeholder views the email, allowing embedded images to load, this pixel is loaded, allowing Boréalis to count "how many times was the pixel downloaded".

You can follow your open rate directly in your Smart communication section, under the "Communications" tab. Then refer to the "Email read" column.

The invisible pixel tracking can sometimes be deactivated in the following situations:

  • Your stakeholder reads his email in plain text
  • Your stakeholder does not automatically download images when opening or reading an email
  • The stakeholder organisation uses filters and tools to block images from incoming emails.

A very strict spam filter may also have an impact on your open rate, but Boréalis works closely with the email management best practices in that matter.

Also note that this feature does not allow to track either or not an smart email was transfer to another stakeholder along the way.

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