Manage and Customize Widgets in a Report

Manage widgets

On each of the widgets in the report, there is a 3 dots menu (vertical ellipsis) on the top right corner; To edit other filters in a widget solely for reporting purposes, click on the ‘Customize” option;

  • If you like to modify the original widget, you can click on the ‘Configure widget’ option. You will then access your widget in edit mode. Note that changes applied this way will impact your widget and all the other reports using it;
  • Widgets can be removed from your report by clicking on the 3 dots menu (vertical ellipsis), then by selecting the “Remove” option;
  • For exporting data in a widget, you can choose from JPG/PNG/SVG/XLSX format from the 3 dots menu (vertical ellipsis);
  • To toggle the visualization of data value on the chart, click on ‘Show data labels’/ ‘Hide data labels’; 116
  • You can decide to see/hide the data series, by clicking on ‘Hide legend’/ ‘Show legend’;
  • You can also decide if you want to see the labels on the axes with the ‘Show axis labels’ / ‘Hide axis labels’ option.


Customize widgets

  • You can add filters to a widget directly in a report. This filter will only apply to the widget in the report, while the original will still be available and unchanged;
  • A good example here will be - sending out a ‘Weekly activities report’ which summarises the system usage for each user. Each user should receive their own account usage, so in User X’s report, by clicking on the filter you can see the filter has been set to ‘include’ ‘creation user’ ‘equal to’ ‘User X’. However, if you click on configure widget, you will not see any filters because the customization was applied only in your report;
  • Using the “current user” filter option: Data can also change according to which user is viewing the data in Borealis. You can therefore generate custom reports for each user in a few clicks.
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