Add Tooltip Values in your Data Dictionaries

Required profile: superusers


Borealis offers advanced configuration options for managing data dictionaries. By adding a description to the values in your data dictionaries, Borealis users can see the details on what the available options for a given field mean.

To add a description to a value in a data dictionary:

  • Access the desired data dictionary:
    • Option 1: Directly through the “Configuration” menu for the following dictionaries:
      • “Relationship type”
      • “Topic category”
      • “Individual Titles”
    • Option 2: “Configuration --> Data dictionary” then access the desired dictionary
  • Edit or add a value.
  • Fill out the “Description” field according to the active languages in Borealis.


The added description will now appear as a pop up in the user’s language when the mouse hovers over a drop-down menu.


To learn more about the configuration options in Borealis, see this handy Helpdesk section.


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