Add Tooltip Values in your Data Dictionaries

Required profile: superusers

Borealis offers advanced configuration options for managing data dictionaries. By adding descriptions to the dictionary values of your data dictionaries, your users can see details on what the available options for a given field mean.

Add or Edit a Tooltip for a Field

  1. Navigate to the Configuration menu.
  2. Access the desired data dictionary through Data dictionaries or for the following dictionaries, directly from the Configuration menu for:
    • Subject categories
    • Individual titles
    • Company asset types
    • Address titles
    • Salutation titles.
  3. Select the data dictionary you want to add a tooltip. 
  4. Select the dictionary value you want to add a tooltip to and click the Edit button,
    Or create a new dictionary value using the Add button.
  5. Fill out the Description field for your language. 
    The Description fields are going to be displayed as tooltips.
  6. If your Borealis is multilingual, add translations in the other Value and Description fields.
  7. Click the Save button.
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