Change the Layout of Reports

Using the right layout for your reports will make information easier to read and comprehend for internal or external stakeholders.

Borealis offers several options for changing the layout of its Analytics reports:

Add labels

The “Add a label” function lets you break up reports into handy sections. You can even add more details or explanations to help users better understand the information it displays.

Why add labels to a report?

  • Add section titles
  • Explain the information being displayed.
  • Explain the reason for displaying certain data.
  • Call out certain results for periodic review.
  • Guide users who will have to use the report.

To edit the label’s font size, click on the Layout button, and select the desired font-size: small, normal, large, very large.


Move widgets

Any widget added to a report can be moved to facilitate consultation. Widgets can be positioned according to a dynamic and pre-established grid in Borealis. Simply click toward the top of the widget you want to move (the cursor will become a cross) and move it to the desired location.


Resize widgets

Any widget added to a report can also be resized to accommodate the amount of information you want it to display. Just click and drag the resize icon at the bottom right of the widget to the desired size.


For more information on using the Analytics tool in Borealis, check out our handy Help Center section on Analytics.

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