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Required Borealis Add on: SMS functionality

Sending an SMS message to one or more individual creates a communication record with the type "SMS - Sent by system". It creates only one communication record event though it was sent to many people. The individuals the message is sent to are listed under the "Recipients" tab. Opening the tab “Recipients” in the communication record will allow you to make sure the SMS message was delivered to everyone.

An SMS message can have one of the following temporary statuses (which means they will quickly change for something else):

  • Queued: Request to create the message is received.
  • Accepted: Request to create the message is received by a Messaging Service.
  • Sending: Confirms that the message is accepted and can be sent.
  • Sent: There is no updated delivery information for your message. Typically, a sent status will be replaced by a delivered or undelivered status within seconds or minutes.

The statuses your most likely to see are the following permanent ones:

  • Delivered: Confirmation of message delivery from the carrier.
  • Undelivered: Indicating that the message was not delivered.
  • Failed: The message could not be sent.

If the message has the status “Failed” for one or more recipients, a banner will appear at the top of the communication page. It is always possible to resend the message to a specific stakeholder. The system will then ask for a valid mobile phone number.



The replies from the stakeholders can also be viewed in the "Communications thread" tab.


To read more about Borealis SMS functionality, you can access our Help Center dedicated section, or contact our Support team at

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