Getting data from a table widget for API integration

Required access: Analytics and API token
Difficulty: Developer only!

Borealis table widgets are the best way to organize your data to prepare it for integration with another system in your organization. For example, you may want to:

  • Get the list of grievances for this month with their risk level
  • Get the list of new stakeholders with their email addresses
  • Provide statistics of data usage for global reporting purposes

How to grab the data from a table widget

  • Make sure you have a valid API token. This should be provided by your superuser.
  • Find the widget for which you want to grab the data. You can do this via the web interface or the API documentation ( 
    • Note: If you are not using a corporate pack, COMPANY and YOUR_INSTANCE should be the same thing.
  • If you found it using the Web interface, the URL for the widget will contain the widget ID. For example, the URL : is for widget ID 254
  • Once you have the ID, you can do your first test. Here is a sample curl command to grab the data.

Code example

curl -X GET "" -H "accept: application/json" -H "api_key: YOUR_API_TOKEN"


I have lots of data, what do I do?

If your widget contains lots of data, you may need to perform multiple calls to get all your data. Notice in the previous call the following parameters:

  • offset=0
  • limit=10

This means that the call will give back a maximum of 10 results, starting with the first one. If you know the widget will give more results eventually, you have two options.

  1. Make the limit parameter bigger (the highest accepted value is 1000)
  2. If you have more data than that, you will need to perform multiple calls
    1. offset=0&limit=1000 --Get the first 1000 results
    2. offset=1000&limit=1000 --Get results 1001 to 2000
    3. And so on until the number of results returned is smaller than the limit you set.


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