Introduction to the SMS functionality

 Required Borealis Addon: SMS functionality

Borealis is a solution for stakeholders management, proposing several tools to manage, track and compile the interactions that take place during an engagement strategy. It happens often that a communication strategy with stakeholders may include events, public consultations session, mediatized presentation on the key milestones of a project for example. Interactions arising from the type of approach require to be treated through several types of communication channels, such as mass e-mails, newsletters, and more recently text messages (SMS). 

the usage of a functionality like SMS Sending enables you to send quickly a piece of information to several stakeholders. the integration of SMS Sending into Borealis allows for the adoption of a unified approach of communications management with stakeholders, on top of helping in the performance measurement of engagement strategies set up, thanks to the reports provided by Borealis. 


Thanks to Borealis SMS functionality, you can record and perform follow-ups on interactions with your stakeholders while following the industry best practices. 

Here a a few cases where SMS Sending functionality can be used:

  • Send a reminder for an invitation to a public consultation or an event, or send information in case of changes
  • Send an information message about activities planned in a given area
  • Send an SMS, with an hyperlink, to you digital ecosystem, to: 
    • Provide your stakeholders with more information
    • Invite them to get registered for a coming event
    • Gather feedback on a dedicated platform
    • Ask them to complete a survey on a dedicated platform
  • Receive answers from your stakeholders following an informational SMS
  • Receive question related to an invitation or a communicated change.

The SMS functionality does not aim to generate mass e-mail to stakeholders that would not have explicitly give their consent. 

To read more about Borealis SMS functionality, you can access our Help Center dedicated section, or contact our Support team at


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