Trigger email notifications for SMS

Required Borealis Addon: SMS functionality

You can be informed if a stakeholder replies to one of your SMS or if you receive an unexpected SMS. The system can send an email to inform either the superusers, a specific user, the sender of previous SMS or the stakeholder's relationship manager.

Email notifications are available in the Configuration section and have to be created manually (only someone with Configuration access or a Boréalis team member can do it).

Here are a few examples of email notifications that can be created:

  • Inform superusers when an SMS is ignored.
  • Inform the user who sent an SMS from Boréalis when a stakeholder replies.
  • Inform the Relationship manager when an SMS is received from their stakeholders.

If you have some specific notifications you wish to receive and you are not sure if it is possible, please contact a Boréalis team member.


To read more about Borealis SMS functionality, you can access our Help Center dedicated section, or contact our Support team at


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