Import Documents Along With Your Data

If you are preparing to import data using an Excel spreadsheet and you have documents to upload at the same time, it is definitely possible to do it all at once.


  1. Prepare your Excel template as described in the link above.
  2. In the Documents column, enter the name of the document to link. For example Magog Town Hall Meeting notes.docx.
  3. Select your documents and archive them all in a single .zip file.
  4. On the Import page, check  and upload the .zip file.
  5. Click Confirm to start the import. You will receive import errors if the document name cannot be found in the zip file.


  • If needed, you can enter more than one document per record by indicating multiple document names, each on a new line inside the same cell.
  • You can use the same column to enter links to a Document Management system. Proper URL is required.
  • If the ZIP archive contains directories, you need to enter the full relative path of the documents; e.g., Meeting notes September/Magog Town Hall Meeting notes.docx


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