Follow the SMS usage with Analytics

Required Borealis Addon: SMS functionality

It is possible to create reports and widgets in Analytics based on SMS. Widgets can be grouped in a report which is sent every week/month, etc. This way, you are sure to follow-up on the SMS you send and the stakeholders you contact.

When creating a widget, the form "Stakeholder engagement - Tools - SMS received" can be used to create a list of replies or ignored SMS.


The form "Stakeholder engagement - Engagements - Communications" can also be used to identify all the SMS communications and their participants.

Here are a few examples of widgets that can be created:

  • Recently received SMS
  • SMS ignored that should be processed manually
  • Stakeholders contacted by SMS
  • Stakeholders who did or did not reply to an SMS

You can go in the "Analytics" section and search for "SMS dashboard" to get an example report.


To read more about Borealis SMS functionality, you can access our Help Center dedicated section, or contact our Support team at

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