Use projects to manage confidential information

Required functionality: "Team Data Segregation (TDS) add-on "


In Borealis, projects can be used to manage access to confidential information. There are two dimensions to this management: complete restriction and partial restriction.


The Partial Restriction is designed to address scenarios in which users may access all fields in a record, with the exception of some fields marked confidential (such as a phone number). 

In the case of partial restriction, it is also possible to restrict access to certain documents which have been marked confidential.


The complete restriction allows you to give access to information only to selected users, by assigning them to a specific project. Only users who have access to that project can then access the information, in accordance with the user profiles assigned to them.


Restrict access to a field

To restrict access to a stakeholder's contact details:

  1. Find the stakeholder you want to manage
  2. Go to the "Contact" tab, and under the "contact information" section, choose the action "Limit access"
  3. In the dialogue box that opens, specify the list of projects allowed to see contact information, and save


Some of the main features of this function are:

  • Restricted information appears only to those who have access to one
  • of the projects specified in the restriction list, and a lock indicates that the information is restricted.  


  • All users can activate the action “Restrict access". However, a user can only specify the projects to which he/she has access. It is therefore important to ensure that the protection is implemented by the appropriate person.


Restrict access to a document

To restrict access to a document attached to a record in Borealis:

  1. Search for the record linked to the document you wish to protect
  2. Select the "Modify" action on the document
  3. Under the "Restrict access to the project" field, specify the name of the project authorized to view the document
  4. Save the changes



Access restriction using a project

When the functionality " Project Security (RLS)" is activated, the field "Projects" becomes available in all the implemented modules, as a required field.

This field will be used to specify the list of projects authorized to see the information, and only users with access to the specified projects will be able to view the information.

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