Manage Heritage Sites

Heritage sites gain in value once the record is completed with additional information, such as the works that were done, vestiges that were found, related stakeholders, or all kind of engagement activities involved.

After filling out the required general information, you may complete all other relevant information about the works done and vestiges by clicking on the Add button:



To link one heritage site to stakeholders or engagements, please use the following tabs:

Related Engagements

In this section you can link or create Communications, Grievances or Engagement plans. Click on the Add button and select Create a new record or Link an existing record.

Related Stakeholders

In this section you can link new stakeholders or existing stakeholders to the site. When you link a stakeholder to a heritage site you will be able to identify their interest and add comments.


You may also view this information when you go to a stakeholder’s profile and click on Land Access:


Updating information

From time to time, it may be necessary to update or add more information in the record of the heritage site. Every section in the record has an Edit button which allows you to modify and update the information as needed.

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