Edit Properties in Map Widgets

Properties depend on your widget type. Maps are an excellent option to present data related to locations and to highlight specific information found in a table or other data source.

Besides the options in the properties tab, you can also further customize your map widgets by adding Filters to your widgets.

You can modify the following information in the Properties tab:

You should note that records and data with no assigned location, no address or no related geometry will not appear on the map. This means that when the location field is empty for certain records, it could lead to a misrepresentation of your dataset.

Form with geometry

Select what you want to see on the map. Options available in the dropdown menu are directly related with the widget form you initially selected when creating your widget.

Additional forms with geometry

You can use this field to add layers to your map. Layers are useful when you want to present more than one datasets on the same map. The dropdown menu presents you with previously created map widgets and all the layers available on the general map. 

Add categories?

You can use categories when you want to present a lot of information on a single map. This option then allows you to browse map layers using the selected categorization.



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