Manage Widget Options

Different options and actions are available in the 3 dots menu of your widget.



Duplicate your widget

Make a copy of the current widget. You will be the owner of the new duplicated widget, which means you will be able to edit it.

Change owner

Change the Widget ownership to enable someone else to edit your widget. Note that if the widget is private, you will then lose the ability to modify the widget if the ownership is transferred.

When clicking “Owner”, you have access to the active users’ list to select the new owner.

Manage Widget View permissions

You can change it to either private or public.

  • Private: Widgets are only for your own use; other users don't see them.
  • Public: Widgets are available to other users (according to their access level); other users can see them but are not allowed to modify them.
  • System: Widgets are built in the system and maintained by Borealis. They cannot be deleted (only duplicated).

Tip: widget permissions have an impact on data accessibility in reports. If you want to share a report with your colleagues (who is a Borealis user), make sure to make your widgets public. To ease data sharing, Borealis embedded informational banners you can see on private widgets.

Delete a Widget

When clicking on the Delete option, a message will ask you to confirm if you want to permanently delete your widget. Note that the deletion option may require some specific user profiles.

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