Product release - December 2020

Even More Flexibility

With this last release of the year, we are happy to introduce even more flexibility to the system. Whether it's through new features or improvements of existing ones, we are confident you will get an even better view of your stakeholders.


Manage Organizational Hierarchy

Are you engaging with complex organizations such as large businesses, government bodies or even large NGO associations? The new options for organizational hierarchy are for you.


This can be quite handy for managing engagements with :

  • Government bodies. Simply create a new organization for any ministry, sub-department or committee.
  • Large multinationals. Create a new organization for each affiliate you interact with and link them to the parent organization.
  • Any other complex organization. Create a new organization for each business unit.

Simply link your organizations together by saying which one is the parent organization and you will be able to understand everything happening with an organization.

This feature introduces :

  • New sections in the Relations tab of an organisation record. It is now possible to view the complete hierarchy of organisations and the members of all related organisations. 
  • A new report that shows all the latest communications with all related organizations, like a government department and all its sub-departments, or a multinational and all its affiliates.

Please refer to our Help Centre article to get started with this feature.


Report filters - New options

Back in March we introduced a new way to customize your Analytics reports, report filters, making them  easier to consult and manipulate. Here are the filtering option we added :

New filtering options

  • Locations - Filter by Zone
  • Environmental Monitoring - Filter by Monitoring program or by Parameter
  • Land Access - Filter by Land request
  • Land Management - Filter by Parcel or by Company asset
  • Compliance Management - Filter by Compliance document

You can see some examples of what you can do with these filters by going in Analytics and searching for “EM - Alerts dashboard” “CM - Overall : Dashboard”, as these are reports we created for you.

Other Improvements


  • Most confirmation buttons have been renamed to clarify what is happening. When completing the action to "Link a communication", for example, the button is now named "Link" instead of "Save". 

Mobile Application

  • New fields are available in the Borealis Mobile Application. They are available when clicking on the "Show more info" button.
    • Individuals :  Description
    • Communications : Status
    • Engagement plans : Status
    • All sections : Last modified date and user

Stakeholder Register

  • New field "Relationship start date" to track the start of the relationship with a stakeholder. It can be activated in the "Fields configuration" menu.


  • New option to link Expenses and Revenues to communications. It can be activated in the "Fields configuration" menu.

Smart communications

  • It is now possible to override the display name of the sender, especially useful when smart emails are sent using a shared mailbox.

Engagement plans

  • New quick filter "Hide completed" in the Tasks list in Activities.
  • When adding stakeholders, it is now possible to select many in a single operation.
  • It is now possible to choose a Task type for the tasks automatically created.


  • New field to enter the language in which the grievance was received. It can be activated in the "Fields configuration" menu.


  • Task type is now available in the "Batch update" action.

Land management

  • Is it now possible to link stakeholders to company assets directly in the Individuals and Organisations creation page.
  • The area of Parcels, Land units and Company assets is now automatically calculated and show in their record page.
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