Manage selection lists (data dictionaries) within Corporate View Add-on

To enforce standard data management, it may be useful to lock some lists from being modified by the sites. These lists are called corporate lists.

For corporate lists, the values available in the selection lists are set at the corporate level only. Values can be the same for all the sites or different from one site to another.

Non-corporate lists are the lists that can be managed at both corporate and site levels. Each site can add, edit, delete, and deactivate values that are linked to its site only. Sites do not have access to other sites’ values. However, the corporate level has a global view of all the lists and values and can assist the sites in managing their data.

In some cases, even if a list is non-corporate and manageable by the sites, the corporate may need to set some predefined values and make them corporate. In this case, none of the sites can modify them anymore. It is thus possible to tag specific values as corporate. This action can be performed only by a corporate user

Corporate lists:

  • are in read only for all sites ;
  • values displayed in the drop down menus can be displayed on one, multiple or all sites; 
  • can be modified at the corporate level only.

Non-corporate lists:

  • are manageable by the sites ;
  • can include values of either type: non-corporate and corporate values:
      • Non-corporate values: are manageable at both the corporate and site levels ;
      • Corporate values: are manageable at the corporate level only and cannot be edited by the sites. Some corporate values may be valid for specific sites and not for others. 


Manage lists & values:

Corporate - Superusers and Corporate - Data configuration users are the only ones allowed to:

  • define whether a list is corporate or non-corporate ;
  • define which values of a non-corporate list are site specific and which ones are corporate ;
  • manage corporate lists ;
  • manage corporate values of non-corporate lists.

To do so:

  1. Select the first option - All sites - in the top right corner next to your username ;
  2. Click on Configuration menu, then Data dictionaries and select the list to be modified:
      • To define whether a list is corporate or non-corporate: click on the Action button and select Set as corporate or Set as non-corporate option. When setting up a corporate list, all its values become corporate. When setting a list as non-corporate, all values initially remain “corporate”, but users can change them afterwards.
      • To define whether a value of a non-corporate list is corporate or not: click to edit the value and check/uncheck the Corporate box.

For corporate values, if the Site field:

  • is left blank: the value is available to every site
  • includes one or multiple sites: the value is available to the selected sites only.

For non-corporate values, the Site field:

  • can only include one site and the value is available for this site only. Values can be managed by this site or at the corporate level.



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