Analytics with Corporate View Add-on

By activating a Corporate View Add-on, your organization is equipped with at least three Borealis instances:  one main instance comprising the other ones. This Add-On provides the corporate level with the possibility to overview what is happening in every site, while each level continues to independently manage their own activities.  Analyzing data under these terms becomes a motivating venture.

By exploiting the Site column, the information quality of your widgets and report is enhanced. It allows you to identify where that information is originally sourced from when you aggregate data from different instances.

When using Analytics within a corporate pack context, the reports are accessible depending on specific access rights. These users will all see the reports, no matter the level they are at, corporate or site. However, data will only be revealed depending on the security level the current user has been configured with. For instance, a corporate user will always be able to see information from both sites A and B. A user of the Site A will never be able to see data sourced from the corporate level or from the site B.

With this in mind, here are some situations where you will need to pay more attention when analyzing data within a corporate pack context:

  • When you create a widget at the site level: 
      • Everyone with access rights to the corporate level will be able to view all the information included. This means it includes information from the site level of which the widget was created, but also from the corporate or other sites if data is existent;
      • For each other site, the widget will filter data to show the information identified only at their level. They will not be able to see any other information from the corporate or other sites;
      • Users set up as Corporate – Data configuration and Corporate - Superuser will also be able to modify this widget, and even to delete it;
      • It will also be possible to include it into a report that is configured at the corporate level. Corporate and site users will be able to see the report, but the information included will be filtered and revealed depending on each level’s permission.
  • When a widget is created at the Corporate level:
      • It becomes automatically available for sites as well, and thus used in reports at the site level as well. However, please keep in mind that only the information pertaining to their own current site will be available to them.
      • We may use values from corporate or non-corporate lists.
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