Introduction to relationships between organizations

Organizations can establish various connections or associations with each other. Without relationships, there is no interaction between organizations, and therefore no logical structure.

Relationships can be of a variety of types. First, there are:

  • Hierarchical relationships, where organizations are connected according to their levels of membership or affiliation to a superior (e.g., international headquarters - divisions by country);
  • Reciprocal relationships, where all organizations play the same role (e.g., partners);
  • Nonreciprocal relationships, where there is a different role in one direction than it is in the reverse direction (e.g., client – supplier).

Then, there are also:

  • Direct relationships, where there are no intermediate entities between two organizations;
  • Indirect relationships, where there is at least one intermediate entity between two organizations.

Borealis system allows us to view not only the direct associations between organizations, but the indirect relationships created within a hierarchy as well. With this type of connection comes a lot more than a link between organizations. It generates and centralizes valuable information about the members and interactions of directly or indirectly related organizations.  

Go to one organization’s profile and the menu options on the left allows you to easily access, edit and add members and relations to the organisation.


  1. Members: all individuals that are direct members of the current organization;
  2. Related organisations: all organizations that are directly connected to the current organization, no matter the type of relationship;
  3. Complete hierarchy: a complete picture of the hierarchy of the current organization; it includes all organizations that are hierarchically related, directly, and indirectly;
  4. Members of related organisations: a complete picture of all the members of all the related organizations, excluding the ones belonging to the current organization.

Borealis system provides you with valuable information, more or less obvious at first sight, that arises simply from building relationships between organizations.

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