Creating Additional Questions for Surveys

When you create additional questions, you can attach them to a category of questions to make it easier to find it later. These categories are created in the Data dictionary and will allow you to classify the Social Baseline additional questions by topics such as Social, Economic, Health, Gender, etc.

Once you have defined the structure of the additional questions, you can create them. Go to the Additional questions tab and click on the Add button mceclip0.pngHousehold additional questions. A new form will be displayed with the following fields:

  • Number, Question, Input Format (mandatory);
  • Category and Comments (optional).mceclip1.png

Input Format.

Please select the type of the entry that will be available to collect the results. The available answers must be configured according to one of the following formats: Free Text, Choices, Numeric, Numeric, and Choices.

Here are some examples of the available options when setting up additional questions.  The first image shows the settings of the question, while the second image, the final display of the question as it is presented when entering results. 

1. Free  text  


  • Results form


2. Choices only


  •  Results form


3. Numerical only


  • Results form


4. Numerical and choices


  • Results form


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