Creating Additional Questions for Surveys

When you create additional questions, you can attach them to a category of questions to make it easier to find it later. These categories are created in the Data dictionary and will allow you to classify the Social Baseline additional questions by topics such as Social, Economic, Health, Gender, etc.

Once you have defined the structure of the additional questions, you can create them.

There are 2 categories of additional questions:

  • Household additional questions are for questions that are related to the whole household.
  • Household members additional questions are for questions that have a distinct answer for each individual household member

Create Additional Questions for a Survey

  1. Navigate to the Socio-economic surveys in the Social Baseline module. 
  2. Select the survey you want to create additional questions for.
  3. In the left hand record menu, click on either sub-categories of Additional questions to view the survey questions and their answers.
  4. Click on the Create button mceclip0.pnglocated either in the left hand record menu for either of the sub-categories or the Information page of the sub-categories of Additional questions.
  5. In the Create an additional question window, fill in the fields
    • Number, Question, Input Format (mandatory);
    • Category and Comments (optional).
  6. Click the Save button.

Choose the Right Input Format.

When filling up the form to create an additional question, you will have to select the input format.  This is what determines the kind of answers that are collected and the type of answers people can give to each question.

The following formats can be used to collect survey results:

  • Choices only
  • Free Text
  • Numerical and Choices
  • Numerical only
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