How to Analyze Survey Results

There are a variety of Analytics widgets that can be used to analyze data from the studies in the Social Baseline module.

The first step when creating a widget is to select the right form storing the information you need to retrieve. The required form for the creation of Social Baseline widgets starts with "Social Baseline-Surveys-Studies", followed by "Study Name (ST-00000)". Once the form is selected, the questions of the study will be available, together with their respective results.

Tips & Tricks:

Please remember that in order for the widgets to display relevant data for your analysis, first identify the questions of the survey. For instance, if you need to focus on the additional questions, then have a list some examples of these questions at hand, so that you recognize them faster amongst the fields of the widgets.


Once the questions are identified, as well as the expected result for each of them, you may proceed to create the widgets.

Below you will find a table widget  with additional questions from a study.


You may create other type of widgets starting from the answers. For example, if you want to know the total kilos of meat produced weekly, we can use an indicator type widget and apply one of the operations that are available on the Calculated Values tab (Sum, Average, etc...). The results will provide us teh answer to the quesiton: "How many kilos of meat do you produce on weekly basis?".




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