SMS System Report

If you have the SMS add-on, you automatically have the SMS system report created in your Boréalis application. You can find it under the Analytics section (or ask someone from Boréalis to show it to you).


This report shows the SMS activities for the last 6 months. The frequency can be changed, according to your preference, using the report filters.

Here is what you can find in this report:

Latest SMS messages: This lists all of the SMS messages in the system. Everything that was either send by someone in your team (Sent by system), or a reply from a stakeholder (SMS received). It shows all of the SMS activities for the frequency determined in the report filter.

Ignored SMS messages: If someone just sent an SMS to your business phone number, no communication record will be created and the SMS will be marked as "Ignored". You can check the list here and retrieve the SMS manually to create a communication record if you'd like.

SMS usage tracking: This graph presents the number of SMS sent on a monthly basis. You can see how many times you've reach your stakeholders via SMS.

Individuals contacted by SMS: Find the list of all the people contacted by SMS, the number of SMS they received, and the last time you send them an SMS. You can see which stakeholders you are able to reach via a text message.
Individuals who replied to an SMS: People have responded to previously send SMS. You can check the replies via this widget.

Don't forget to contact the Helpdesk if you have any questions related to this report of the SMS feature.

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