Best practices to implement and launch the SMS add-on

The SMS add-on can be really useful as it is a good way to connect with your stakeholders. However, you might want to put a few internal processes in place before sending text messages to your stakeholders.

Once the add-on is available on your Boréalis, here is what we suggest you do internally:

  1. Determine who should send text messages within your organisation.
  2. Define which specific department or team is responsible to send SMS.
  3. Decide if someone should approve the message before sending the SMS.

You should also discuss on how and why you want to use SMS:

  1. Determine how you will inform your stakeholders of this new communication method. Do you have the permission of the stakeholder to send SMS? It is a good practice to inform your stakeholder in advance that you may communicate with them in this way. 
  2. Assess how many SMS you plan to send to your stakeholders (on a weekly, monthly, annual basis)
  3. List the different situations when a stakeholder may expect an SMS from you
  4. Determine what you should say or should not say in a text message. Be concise and think of the best way to pass your message across.
  5. Brand your messages! When you send an SMS, do you want the tone to be impersonal, personal, casual, etc.? 

And finally, choose the course of action when you receive a reply:

  1. Who internally should track the SMS replies?
  2. Is the same person sending the SMS who should also respond to the replies?
  3. Track your response time! Should you call the stakeholder after a reply, or do you send another SMS?
  4. What kind of reply do you receive? Make sure your SMS is effective.

If you need any help setting-up this process with your team, let us know and we will be happy to assist you.


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