How to Install the Borealis Add-in for Outlook to your Microsoft Account

Depending on the security measures within your organization, you may have to request assistance from the IT department to deploy the add-in on your account.

This section gives instructions on how to install the add-in individually, but also provides a reference for a general deployment by the IT department.

When you install the Borealis add-in for Outlook on your Microsoft account, the add-in will automatically be enabled to the web and mobile versions of Outlook.

Locate the XML Configuration File

  1. Open your Borealis instance and enter your login information.
  2. Click on your User Profile icon in the right hand corner of the top bar.
  3. Click on Email integration.
  4. In the Email integration window, from the Outlook add-in section, click on Download the add-in file to download the XML configuration file.
    You can also right click on Download the add-in file and select Copy link address.

Add the Add-in to your Microsoft Account

  1. Log into office 365.
  2. Navigate to This will open the Add-Ins for Outlook window.
  3. In the ADD-INS window, navigate to My add-ins.
  4. Scroll down to Custom Add-ins and click Add a custom add-in.
  5. Use Add from file... and select the XML configuration you downloaded.
  6. Click the Install button to install the add-in.

Close and re-open your Outlook application or log out and log back into your application. The Borealis add-in for Outlook should now be displayed on the ribbon.

You can customize your ribbon by right-clicking on the ribbon bar and selecting Customize the ribbon... or navigating to File>Options>Customize ribbon.

Deploy the Add-in (For the IT department)

The IT department will often be in charge of installing and vetting new software. Like most other add-ins, the Borealis add-in for Outlook can be deployed for groups of people simultaneously.

  1. Locate the XML configuration file.
  2. Refer to the add-in deployment documentation for the Microsoft 365 admin center.
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