Install the Outlook Add-In on the Web

Step 1: Save the Outlook Add-in

  • In Borealis, go to the bottom of any page and Click on the 'Email Integration' link. In the opened window,  in the Outlook Add-in section, press the 'Download the add-in file' link.



  •  Right click and select 'Save link as' to save the file to your computer (Note: file type is xml).


Step 2: Install the Add-In in Outlook 365

  • In Outlook 365, create a New message :



  •  Use the 'ellipsis' button in the dialog box, and select 'My add-ins'.



  • In the Add-ins Menu, Select 'My add-ins' then scroll down to the Custom add-in section and select '+ Add a custom add-in' link. Finally select 'Add from File' and browse to the saved xml file and select 'Open'.




  • Before the installation of the Add-in you will receive a warning message, to continue with the installation select 'Install'.


The Borealis Outlook Add-in is now installed. Before using the add-in, the 'read and compose' tool bars will need to be adjusted so that the add-in is displayed.


Step 3: Configure Actions to include Borealis Add-in

  • Open the 'Settings' menu located in the upper-right side of the page


  • Open the 'View all Outlook settings' link at the bottom of the page.


  • Select the 'Mail' menu in settings, and then 'Customize Actions'. Finally scroll down to the Message surface section, and scroll to Borealis and select 'Borealis'.



  • Scroll down to the Toolbar section and select 'Borealis' and 'Save'.


The Add-in is now configured to be displayed when reading or composing a message.

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