Import Bulk Contacts (Android only)

Difficulty: easy


It is possible to import multiple contacts from your Android phone to the Borealis application. Contacts will be sent as VCards (vcf formart).


Step 1: Open the Contacts application on your android device contacts.jpg

Step 2: Press on the 'ellipsis menu' in the top right corner and select 'Share'.



Step 3: Select the contacts you would like to have created in Borealis by checking off the the boxes appearing next to their names and then press on the Share button.



Step 4: Select your mail application to email the Vcard file to Borealis 

Step 5: Locate the 'Email integration link located at the bottom of your Borealis instance and select it. You can then copy the e-mail address proposed to send emails in batches.  Send the email prepared previsouly to Borealis by using this copied Bcc email address.

Note that the email does not require a subject or body paragraph, the system will read the vcf file attached to create contacts. 



A confirmation message will be sent to your email to notify you that the contacts were created successfully in Borealis. 



Learn more about the Mail Handler Feature here:


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