Borealis System Widgets

The Borealis Analytics feature offers powerful visual tools to help you build reports and display information about your stakeholder engagements. While it is possible to create your own widgets, Borealis also includes a set of pre-built ‘system widgets’ that offer out-of-the-box tools for many common reporting tasks.

System widgets all have their Access set to System. As such, they can be duplicated, but cannot be edited, or deleted. This means that you can use system widgets/reports in their original form or duplicate them if you want to customize them.

You can use system widgets to:

  • Get started using the standard reporting capabilities of Borealis
  • Use ready-to-deploy data analytics to support your decision making
  • Evaluate ways of using widgets to develop further analytics in Borealis, based on your specific business needs

System widgets are in continuous improvements as new features are developed in Borealis. When you start using a System widget, you should duplicate it so that your data is unaffected by eventual changes to the widget.

System widgets provide a convenient way to start analyzing your data in Borealis. You can dive deeper and use system reports in Borealis.

Identify System Widgets

  1. Navigate to Widgets in Analytics.
  2. Click on the heading of the Access column.
  3. From the Filter drop-down list, select System.
  4. Click the Apply button.

The list displayed will then be of all system widgets. You can then find and open the system widget you need.

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