Common features and functions reference card

Borealis has a wide range of modules available. Your Borealis system may be configured differently, and you may or may not have all user privileges to view every available option. This cheatsheet provides a general overview of some common features you will find throughout the modules. 



  1. Create: Allows you to create a new Organization, Communication, Individual, Task mceclip1.png
  2. Search: Lets you search through a basic or advanced search mceclip2.png
  3. Bookmark: Allows you to save the page you are viewing in your bookmarks mceclip3.png
  4. Share: Allows you to share the page with someone from your organization mceclip4.png
  5. Show/Hide Map: Lets you display or hide the map mceclip5.png
  6. Fields Configuration: allows you to choose what fields are displayed for users and yourself mceclip6.png
  7. Filter: If you have set up projects, you will have a list of projects you can quickly access through this menu. You need to have access to the project in order to view it. mceclip7.png
  8. Profile: Allows you to access your profile and logout of Borealis.(your initials are displayed here) mceclip8.png
  9. Activity:  Any activities performed by users will be displayed here (add, delete, update, etc.) mceclip9.png
  10. Related reports: Reports related to this individual or organization record will be displayed here
  11. Tasks: Any tasks assigned to you or an individual for the record in question
  12. Documents: Allows you to view documents that have been uploaded for that record
  13. Comments: Free text field to add comments that will be attached to this record
  14. Action History: Displays all actions performed and shows the user, time stamp and type of action 
  15. Actions: List of actions users can perform depending on their role and permissions mceclip10.png
  16. By: shows the user that created or updated the record, with a date and timestamp mceclip12.png
  17. Pin location: shows a pin on the location where the record is located on the map mceclip13.png
  18. General information tab: Information for the current individual or Organization (name, address, etc.)
  19. Contacts tab: Displays the individual/Organization contact information as well as any distribution lists they are part of.
  20. Relations tab: Shows the relationship between the record and any stakeholder or plan as well as the position for an individual within their Organization.
  21. Engagements tab: Displays engagements that have been recorded in the system for this record
  22. Assessment tab: If you configure the axis and value information, it can be used to periodically see how much “influence” this record has and the “health” of the relationship with the record.
  23. Social Media tab: Displays any social media accounts related to this record (in Beta version for now and not active for all users)
  24. Ellipse button: If visible, it provides additional options for the current record.


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