Use Objectives and Milestones in Engagement plans

As mentioned on a previous article, an Engagement Plan refers to a group of communications, activities and tasks, strategically planned to achieve a specific goal. Engagement plans allow users to implement, track progress over time, and monitor performance of their stakeholder engagement strategies.

The use of Objectives and Milestones allows you to increase the level of details of your Engagement Plans. They represent specific actions, moments or goals that can be achieved because of the implementation of your engagement strategy.

Create an Objective or Milestone

On the bottom section of the ‘General Information’ tab of the Engagement Plan file, you will find the ‘Objectives and Milestones’ section:

  1. Click on the + icon of the ‘Objectives and Milestones’ section.
  2. Fill in the mandatory fields:
    • Type: Refers to the type of Objective / Milestone created. (It is possible to add additional options to this field depending on the specific needs of your organization)
    • Title: Tile of the Objective / Milestone created
    • Description: Detailed description of the Objective / Milestone. (Providing a clear ad detailed description to the Objective / Milestone will ensure all users understand its strategic value and increase the chances of success)
    • Target Date: Select a target date for the Objective / Milestone
    • SE-Objectives_Milestones__2.png
  3. Click on ‘Save’

Note: You can enter multiple Objectives / Milestones at once by selecting the ‘Add Another’ box located on the left-hand side of the ‘Save’ button.


Manage Objectives and Milestones

Once an Objective / Milestone has been created, its status will appear as ‘Not Started’ on the ‘Status’ column of the Objectives & Milestones list.

To change the status of an Objective / Milestone, select the new status from the ‘actions’ menu that will appear on the right-hand side of the selected item.


The ‘Start progress’ option will change the status to ‘In progress’; the ‘Complete’ option will change the status to ‘Completed’; and the ‘Cancel’ option will change the status to ‘Cancelled’.


You can also revert the status of the Objective / Milestone.

  • For the items with the ‘In progress’ status, selecting ‘Stop progress’ will reverse it to ‘Not Started’.
  • For ‘Completed’ and ‘Cancelled’ items, selecting ‘Reopen’ will reverse the status to ‘Not started’.

When completing or canceling an Objective / Milestone it is important to provide the information for the remaining fields of the Objective / Milestone file. To enter this information, click on the ‘Edit’ option of the actions menu that will appear on the right-hand side of the specific item you are working on. You can also use the ‘Edit’ option to modify the original details of the Objective / Milestone:



  • Achieved Date: Select the actual date when the Objective / Milestone is completed
  • Value Range: If relevant, this field can be used to enter a group of value ranges (Ex. $1000.00 - $2000.00) that represent the cost or revenue generated
  • Result: Provide a description of the achieved result and any additional information relevant to the success or failure of the Objective / Milestone
  • Associated value: If relevant, provide the specific monetary value (cost or revenue) associated to the Objective / Milestone
  • Value type: Assign the appropriate type (cost or revenue) to the previous ‘Associated Value’ field.

Delete Objectives and Milestones

To delete an Objective / Milestone, select ‘Remove’ from the actions menu that will appear on the right-hand side of the selected item.



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