Add a Received Media Request to Borealis

Borealis can be a powerful tool to help you organize media requests, as you will be able to file them under the right folder and tag them as needed.

In order to be able to do this, please note that you need to have previously Configured Borealis to manage Media Relations.


As described in our article Manage a media relations structure in Borealis, an efficient way to organize your media requests consists in :

  • Creating an Engagement Plan for media requests received – Type ‘Media requests received’, to group all your media requests received
  • Adding each media request received to this engagement plan.


To enter a received media request in Borealis, you have 2 options : 


1. The request is not an email or you do not have the Outlook Add-In activated in you instance

  • In Borealis, access the Communications link under 'Engagements' in the left Navigation bar.
  • Click the '+Create' green button to create a new communication
  • Enter the necessary information: Type of Communication, Engagement Plan, Subject Categories, etc.

Note: You also have the ability to add the communication from the Engagement Plan itself.


2. The request is an email that you received in your inbox 

  • Access the email you want to track within your Outlook inbox
  • Open the Borealis Outlook Add-In
  • Select the "Received Media Requests" engagement plan
  • Select the relevant subject categories (Recommendation is to select between 1 and 3)
  • Select the 'Received Media Request' type of communication
  • Complete other fields if needed.
  • Send the email to Boréalis using the 'Send to Borealis' button at the bottom of the Outlook Add-In 
  • Click the 'See Communication' button that automatically appears in the Outlook add-on when sending if you wish to review it.

The relevant exchanges that will follow the reception of this media request are to be related to the 'Received Media Requests' engagement plan, but without changing the type of communication by default (i.e. do not set it to 'Received Media Requests').

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