New Interface - FAQ

Answers to all of your questions about the new Beta interface.


General questions

How can I become a Beta user?

If you are interested in Beta testing the new Borealis interface, please contact our Help Desk. We will activate it for your account and reply to let you know when it's ready.


How can I submit feedback about the new Borealis interface?

Your feedback is welcome and we invite everyone to share it with us! Please send your comments by email to We can also set up a meeting as needed.


Can I invite my colleagues to join the Beta test?

Yes, you can. If your colleagues wish to participate in the testing process, contact our Help Desk with their names and organization(s), and we will add them to our list of Beta testers.


Can I switch back and forth between the new interface and the current one?

Of course! Simply click on your icon at the upper-right corner of the page, then click on the button "Turn off New Borealis" to deactivate it or "New Borealis (BETA)" to activate it.


When will the new interface become official?

There is no strict timeframe confirmed yet, but we would like the new interface to become the official one by the end of 2021. The current interface will still be available for some time in 2022 to be sure that our clients have enough time to transition all their users to the new version.


Interface questions

Where is the 'Generate detailed report' action?

The action has been renamed "Export to PDF" and you will find it in the 'Share' mceclip1.pngmenu.


Where is the 'Export vCard' action?

The action has been renamed 'Download as vCard' and can be found in the 'Share' mceclip1.pngmenu.


When creating an Individual, I can't see the 'Save and view' button.

Hold ALT on your keyboard to see the alternate 'Save' button.

The previous interface included both a "Save" button as well as a "Save and view" button at the bottom of a creation page. To simplify the process, we chose the most popular option based on what is being created. For example, the Individuals and Communications screens now show the 'Save' button, while Analytics widgets, Engagement Plans and Grievances will show the 'Save and view' button. 


I can't find some of my bookmarks

If you created bookmarks after the Q2 release, they are only available in the interface in which you created them. You can always check your bookmarks in the old interface and recreate them in the new interface.


In a Smart Communication, where can I find the email address to submit my template?

It is now under the 'Share' mceclip1.pngmenu: click on the 'Copy email alias' option.


I am not using the Outlook add-in, and I want to copy the email address of a specific Engagement plan, Issue, etc. Where is it?

You will find it under the 'Share' mceclip1.pngmenu: click on the 'Copy email alias' option.


Is the new interface compatible with all internet browsers ?

Yes! You can use any Internet browser, except Internet Explorer 11, which is no longer supported (even by Microsoft).


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