New interface - Improvements

We're excited to announce that a faster, more intuitive interface is coming soon – and the Beta is available now!

Here is a list of improvements you'll see with the new interface.


Performance improvement

  • Every page now loads faster than before!

Record page

  • New navigation menu on the left
    • Shows which sections contain information, and how much.
    • Allows users to create related records without navigation.
    • When there are many sections in a record, they are all visible thanks to the vertical menu design.
  • New dashboard-style page for individuals and organisations
      • All the contact information, identification information, and a list of latest interactions in a single page!
  • Related reports are now available directly from the stakeholder page, without having to navigate away.
  • The map of a stakeholder now shows all related information: addresses, parcels, organisations.
  • You can now drag and drop a document anywhere on the page and it will be added to the list of documents in the current record.

Records list

The records list page (for example, the Individuals list page) has undergone a lot of improvements.

  • It is now possible to drag and drop documents directly to a specific record in a list (Individuals, Engagement plans, Parcels, etc.) without having to open it. You can do it for the main stakeholder picture as well.
  • Keyboard hotkeys are now available from the list page. Hover over an Individual and press to add a comment to the Individual record.
  • Clicking on the 'Sort' arrow of a column now automatically switches the sorting from ascending to descending.
  • The 'Documents' icon now navigates to the list of documents.
  • You can now clear the filter when clicking on a column header.
  • If your list is empty because of filters applied, a new action allows you to remove all filters.


  • You can now add formatting to your labels (titles and explanations) in a report. Bold, Italic, Underline and bullet points are available.
  • When resizing a widget, you can now see its dimensions, making it easier to align all your widgets.

Record creation

  • When creating a new record, you can now directly add documents. An image can also simply be pasted (Ctrl + V) directly in the creation popup. 
  • There is only one 'Save' button now in the record creation page. Depending on what you are creating, it may be the 'Save' or the 'Save and view' button. Hold the "Alt" button on your keyboard to choose the alternate option.


  • It is now possible to create a new organisation directly from the map. Simply click on a place and "Add as organisation".
  • You can now go to Google Street View inside Borealis. You will find the Google Street View icon in the lower-right corner of your screen.
  • New options for your base map
    • Satellite, with or without labels
    • Map, with or without terrain
  • When clicking on a cluster (the circle with the number of records inside), it now automatically zooms in to better view the records on the map. Right-click and press Shift and click to pop up the list of records. You can now perform actions on records directly from this list.


For all of you keyboard ninjas!

  • New keyboard hotkey: pressing T now creates a task linked to the open record.
  • Global keyboard hotkeys to open the creation page of different records:
    • Individual: Ctrl-Alt-I
    • Organisation: Ctrl-Alt-O
    • Communication: Ctrl-Alt-C
    • Task: Ctrl-Alt-T


  • When importing a big Excel file, you can now close the window and you will still be able to see the progress of your import in the activity menu, in the upper-right corner.
  • When assigning colors to the values of your data dictionaries, you can now select a standard color from the Borealis palette or choose your own color.
  • When opening a related record from a page, you can now navigate from one related record to the next using the arrows on each side of the popup.
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