Using Engagement Plans

Using Engagement Plans – 3 Levels of Mastery, With Clear Benefits Right from the Start!


In our last message we discussed Tasks and Activities in Borealis and when to use each. Next, we would like to introduce you to another powerful, time-saving tool in Borealis: Engagement Plans.


An Engagement Plan is a project management tool that lets you group communications, tasks and activities related to a specific goal. It centralizes and structures your data and provides a real-time view of your project as it unfolds.


Using Engagement Plans to their full potential provides great value to an organization. They’re especially helpful if you want to:

  • follow stakeholder engagement best practices
  • create recurring activities
  • be more proactive in your engagements


Even by simply linking your stakeholder communications to an Engagement Plan, you’ll see clear benefits, right from the start. Most users tend to fall into three levels of mastery:

  • Level 1 – Structure Your Data
  • Level 2 – Empower Your Team
  • Level 3 – Manage Activities More Strategically

This short video explains what Engagement Plans are, and how they can be useful to your organization:

Watch the video >


Are you ready to get started? Check out this article: Create and Edit an Engagement Plan.


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