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Speed Up Data Entry with the Borealis Mobile App

Date: October 15, 2020


If you meet with multiple stakeholders a day – whether in the field or in meetings – you know how time consuming documenting these interactions can be.

But we have good news: The Borealis app has a number of features that make data entry blazing-fast.





Voice-to-text feature: Want to quickly fill in an empty field? Just use your phone's voice-to-text dictation feature to take notes. Not having to fuss with the tiny keypad will save you time… and frustration!


Business card scan: Need to create a new individual in Borealis? Simply snap a photo of the person’s business card to capture his or her contact information.



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Tip: Adjusting the width of list columns in Borealis

Still scrolling left to right to view lists because the columns are too wide? Resize them! Drag your cursor in the column title row, and a sizing bar will appear. Simply click and drag the bar left or right to change the width of that column.


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