Classify a User by Domain Name

Tips & Tricks - Quickly classifying stakeholders using their email domain name

Date: September 09, 2020


Organizations like yours may often need to engage with multiple stakeholders from the same organization. That probably means you need to link them manually to their organizations in a timely matter to maintain data quality, reporting capacity, and overview of all communications that have been happening with that particular organization.


To lighten your workload and improve data quality, here’s a simple way to automatically link new stakeholders to their organization.



This feature can be enabled directly within the organization’s record and should only be done once. From that point on, it will save you a lot of time when classifying stakeholders.


Read our help desk article to learn how to quickly classify stakeholders by using their email domain name.

Why use this feature? Each time you create a new stakeholder – whether from the Outlook add-in or using the Mail Handler function – the system will automatically recognize the email domain name and link the new individual to his or her organization, leaving the position field blank for you to fill in later.


This feature can be particularly useful for those working in Public Affairs or Government Relations departments, who often engage with large numbers of stakeholders with email structures along the lines of "" or "".

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