Text Sending Features

Communicate with Stakeholders THEIR Way

Date: August 25, 2020


One of the main advantages of working with Borealis is that it facilitates regular and relevant communications with stakeholders. And our team is always looking for ways to make communicating with stakeholders even easier.


We will soon be introducing a new feature that lets you send text messages to individuals who prefer to be contacted this way.




You can now add to an individual's file a cell phone number for sending text message. Now you can send these stakeholders text messages to notify them of:

  • Invitations or changes to an upcoming public consultation
  • Planned maintenance work on nearby infrastructure
  • A recent decision regarding an issue they want to stay informed about
  • Etc.


Communicating with stakeholders using their preferred method of communication will help you build more trusted relationships.


The text sending function has already been tested in Canada and Australia and will be available in September 2020. It is currently being tested in other countries.

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