Changing Borealis Browser

Take advantage of all of Borealis features by changing your default browser to Edge, Chrome or Safari

May 21 2020


Did you know that your web browser can impact your browsing speed and the security of your confidential data? Some browsers, like Internet Explorer 11, are no longer being updated by their vendors. This means the security of any information you send online, such as in an email or form, could be compromised.

It also explains why many companies are currently changing their employees’ default browser to Edge. We second this change.


Save time by making Edge, Chrome or Safari your default browser. This handy how-to guide from our support team can help.

  • Change your default browser

Using these browsers will allow you to:

  • Increase browsing speed
  • Improve data security

As well as benefit fully from Borealis’ keyword highlighting feature, enabling you to quickly identify and create individuals or organizations.

Need some extra support? Contact us and we will help you make the transition.

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